Ko Haa dive site

Koh Haa is by far the most beautiful dive site around Koh Haa and Phi Phi. You can enjoy the incredible experience of seeing perfectly formed pinnacles, crystal clear water, a small white sandy beach that stretchs across the lagoon on island 3, and to top it off  a large range of marine life with a chance to see something big!!

Ko Haa has a great variety of dive sites across the 5 islands. You can enjoy a easy dive starting in the lagoon of island 3. Its crystal clear water and shallow depth is a very appealing way to start your diving experience if its your first time. For those who would like to be a little more extreme island 1 holds a 18metre chimney. Its entry begins at 5metres where you enjoy the adrenalin of entering the dark and beautiful chimney. There is a little marine life in there and a small channel into a side cave at around 8metres. Its very open and a great way to start or end your dive by looking out into the blue in the surrounding of the ceiling and walls around you.

There is also another option on island 5 ‘the cathedral caves’ you can enter the cave at the beginning of the dive and surface in it as its a 5metre drop to get in. There are swim throughs at the bottom and side of the Cathedral to add even more to this incredible experience!!

The marine life is fantastic all over Ko Haa with scools of squid, barracuda, giant trevelly, and snappers. You will find yourself surrounded by scools of butterfly and angel fish, puffer and box fish. We have a very good friend porky the common porkupine fish which has its very own facebook page!Hawskbill turtles are a usual sighting and something a little more special is the green turtle on island 1. They are very rare in thailand so its a privellage to dive next to one on a regular basis. If you enjoy looking for macro life bring your torch as Ko Haa has a huge amount, and with lots of cracks in the pinnacles its great fun trying to seek them out.

And while your diving on the beautiful and succlusive island 6 look out for the whale shark as there have been a few sightings already this year!

Any way you dive Ko Haa you are sure to have an unforgettable trip, so bring the camera and get snapping, you dont want to miss a thing!!

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