Hin Daeng and Hin Muang

Hin Daeng and Hin Muang (red rock purple rock) has developed a high place in diving rated the best in Thailand after the similan islands. These two spectacular dive sites have tourists coming from all over Thailand choosing from speed boats to live aboards. The dive sites are most famous in the diving world for a good chance to see manta rays and whale sharks, the dive sites are very popular from the months of november to april, when the weather is most stable.

Hin Daeng – red rock – This is a submerged boulder pinnicle, where at the surface you have no idea of the hidden beauty under water. There are plenty of soft corals in different shades of red all around, looking out into the blue you will be amazed by the amount of giant trevallies and barracudas hunting. Hin Daeng  promises you a large amount of marine life surrounding you as you slowly glide through the warm waters. Most appealing to this dive site is the sightings of manta rays. Its common to see them coming in from the blue and enjoying your company while swooping around and around in your presence. Its always good to keep an eye out for the whale shark too, who likes to pop by from time to time. Theres no mistaking the largest fish in the sea (growing 12metres and bigger) so enjoy being on the look out.

This dive site starts at around 3metres and drops to 40metres plus on the southern side. Visibility usually ranges from 15 – 40metres

Hin Muang ( purple rock) is the deeper of the two dive sites, Hin Muang is covered with purple soft coral over the several pinnacles which create it. There is a mooring line to help with the descent and ascent of the dive, which is surrounded with a field of anenomes. Manta rays and whale sharks also have sightings here, and in addition other tropical reef residents including large grouper, snappers and moray eels lurk among the many crevices. Hin Muang is also rich in macro life, so dont be surprised to see many divers taking pictures of ghost pipe fish, harlequin shrimp and an unimaginable variety of nudibranchs. The newly found lacy scorpian fish is also one of our new favourite finds.

The depth of the the pinnacles range between 8 – 60 metres, because of the depths of the dive and the variability in current, Hin Daeng and Hin Muang are recommended for advanced divers only.

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