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PADI Scuba Review – Age 10+, 2-3 hrs –

Improve Scuba PADIIf you haven’t dived for a while, we would strongly encourage you to sign up for the PADI Scuba Review Course to ensure you enjoy your next dive to the full. PADI recommends that anyone who hasn’t dived for 6 months or longer, consider a full Scuba Review.

Whether you are a certified PADI Diver or certified through another organization, the Scuba Review program is an easy and fun way to tune up your diving knowledge and skills and get you back in the water feeling comfortable and confident. So if you’re aged 10+, in general good health and fitness, and are not suffering from a cold or ear infection, you should be eligible to take part in a PADI Scuba Review.

Please check the health requirements for this course.

The PADI Scuba Review program consists of two parts:

  • Knowledge Review
  • Confined Water Skills Review

Scuba Review Knowledge ReviewThe Knowledge Review segment refreshes the basic safety information you learned during your entry-level training. This includes the PADI Scuba Review quiz, designed to get you thinking about diving again, and use of the Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) as a reminder of key fundamental diving theory. If you do not have your manuals with you, we can lend you some to have a look at.

The Confined Water Skills Review provides you with the opportunity to practice and remind yourself of some of the scuba diving skills you learnt during your Open Water Course, under the guidance of one of our Instructors or Divemasters. After a step-by-step reminder on how to set up your dive equipment, plus some maintenance tips, we take you on a dive in the pool to go over some of the key underwater skills from your initial training. We focus particularly on buoyancy skills since we believe practising good buoyancy is one of the key ways in which we can help to conserve the underwater environment.

The PADI Scuba Review program is for you if:

  • You require a quick brush up on your knowledge and skills after a period of inactivity
  • You fancy a good review of important knowledge and skills prior to taking any PADI continuing education course
  • You are a PADI Open Water Diver course referral student and want a refresher prior to making your open water training dives
  • You are a certified PADI Scuba Diver and wish to upgrade to Open Water Diver
  • You are a Junior Open Water Diver seeking to review important knowledge and skills and upgrade to Open Water Diver

Beyond the Scuba Review…

Scuba Review BoatA PADI Scuba Review is just the start! A whole new world of adventure is waiting for you. Your next step may be to complete the PADI Advanced Course – broaden your range of diving skills and experiences, get certified to dive to 30 metres and chose from a wide range of Adventure dives such as Wreck Diving, diving with Enriched Air (NITROX), Underwater Digital Photography, Underwater Videography, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Fish ID, Underwater Naturalist, Multi-Level & Computer, Night diving and more…

Or you can just keep diving. Ko Lanta is ideally located in the South of Ko Lanta to offer shorter journey times on daily dive trips to some of the best dive sites in Thailand. Dive the famous dive sites of Hin Daeng & Hin Muang, or visit Ko Haa, Ko Rok, Ko Phi Phi, the King Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point or Anemone Reef.

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