Skills Polish

Skills Polish

If you take underwater photographs already (or have your own underwater camera system) we can help you improve your photographs and get the most out of your underwater camera with a Liquid Lense Skills Polish session.

During a Skills Polish session you’ll dive with a professional underwater photographer at your side and learn how to adjust exposure, aperture and white balance settings to create underwater images that really capture the moment.

Gain personal feedback and guidance between your dives to improve quickly and work on the elements of underwater photography that most interest you.

The Skills Polish course is designed for divers who already take photographs underwater and who may have their own equipment already.

The Skills Polish session is an add-on to a daily dive trip, designed to give you personalised tuition to improve your underwater photos. We focus on any aspect of underwater photography that you would like help with. From technical camera advice to body position in the water or computer editing techniques – this course is personally designed around the areas you would most like to work on.

What will I Learn during the Skills Polish Session?

This course is designed for divers who already take photographs underwater and may have their own equipment.

It is our most flexible course designed to provide one on one tuition specifically targeted to help you improve and inspire your underwater photographs.

Spend a day or two with a Liquid Lense Digital Imaging Specialist working on any area of underwater photography or technique that you choose.

We teach all of our underwater photography & videography courses in small groups to ensure that you receive the attention that you deserve.
Typical Skills Polish Itinerary

Meet your instructor at our studio the evening before you dive to review some of your underwater photographs and discuss which areas of underwater photography you want to concentrate on. Receive practical advice on how to get more from your underwater photographs.

Meet at Scubafish Dive Centre at 7.45am the day you dive, for a tea or coffee, before making your way to the dive boat, where you can relax and enjoy breakfast.

On the boat, review some practical tips and tricks and plan the first dive with your instructor. Your first dive will incorporate suggestions for improving the area of underwater photography you have chosen to work on and your instructor will dive with you to provide help and assistance.

During the surface interval, we have lunch, then discuss the first dive – giving you as much feedback as possible to make sure you get the most out of your next dive.

On the second dive, we’ll try some different subjects and techniques and collect more great photos of our many fascinating underwater residents.

Arriving back at the dive centre at around 2.30pm, we’ll review your photos, discuss areas for further improvement and give you a computer editing workshop.

Finally, if you’re diving again, we’ll set up the camera for the next day.

At the end of your course we burn a CD of your photos and any edited versions for you to take home and enjoy.

How often do you run courses?

Courses start every day at around 6:00pm. You can book a Liquid Lense Instructor to accompany you for a Tips & Tricks session on any daily dive trip you make. You can book now, or come in to see see us while you’re on holiday in Ko Lanta. We offer free transfers to and from your resort in Ko Lanta for any of our dive courses or daily dive trips.

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