Underwater Videographer PLUS Course

Underwater Videographer PLUS Course is a 6-day, professional-level course that will teach you everything you need to know to produce stunning underwater videos, either for your own enjoyment or as a career.

Begin with an introduction to videography, including video camera use & care, filming techniques, underwater video systems & safety.

Learn some underwater filming techniques before making the first of your 9 dives, starting with the basics then developing to more complex techniques & shots. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to make a fully-fledged movie of a day out diving for the rest of the boat to watch.

At the end of each day, watch your footage back and learn about editing. The final day is allocated as an edit suite day so you can devote the entire day to learning how to turn your raw footage into a professional looking DVD, complete with effects and a soundtrack.
What will I Learn during the Underwater Videographer PLUS Course?

The Underwater Videographer PLUS Course is designed for divers considering underwater videography as a serious hobby or career. It will provide you with an excellent grounding in underwater videography and plenty of useful knowledge & techniques.

Combine this with many hours underwater filming practice with expert tuition to give you a genuine head-start and some great footage to take away with you.

Learn how to produce a stylish movie from your footage, adding your favourite clips taken during the course to create a high quality DVD. You’ll also learn how to produce other useful video formats, such as web-based formats.

By the end of the course, you’ll be well on the way to becoming a superb underwater videographer. You’ll have gained invaluable experience and a wealth of knowledge that will help you produce outstanding underwater movies, time and time again.

The Underwater Videographer PLUS Course is designed to be flexible. If there is something specific you’d like to learn, we can personalise your course itinerary to suit you.

We teach all of our underwater photography & videography courses in small groups to ensure that you receive the attention that you deserve.
Typical Underwater Videographer PLUS Course Itinerary

Day 1:
Meet your instructor at our studio and begin to learn about the camera you’ll be using during the course. Receive a basic introduction to film-making and make a short movie on land to learn its functions. Once you’re happy with the camera, learn about the set-up & care of underwater camera housings and prepare for the next day out on the dive boat, by setting-up your own video camera and underwater housing.

Complete day one by learning about some important underwater filming techniques to get you started.

Day 2:

Meet at Scubafish Dive Centre at 7.45am for a tea or coffee, before making your way to the boat, where you can relax and enjoy breakfast.

Run through a quick refresher with your Instructor on how to use your video camera & underwater housing and get a little practice in, on the boat. Cover key safety procedures, before making your first dive with one of our videography experts at your side.

After the dive, we take a short break, discuss any problems you had with the camera and try to solve them before making a longer second dive to start to capture some nice footage at some of Lanta’s top dive sites.

During the lunchtime surface interval, we provide you with as much feedback as possible to make sure you get the most out of your next dive, giving you tips on buoyancy, composition and other techniques.

On the third dive, try some different subjects and shot-types and collect more great footage of our many fascinating underwater residents.

We arrive back at the Dive Centre at around 2.30pm, to review your footage and give you an easy introduction to digital video editing.
Day 3:

Make a further 2 dives out on the dive boat where we introduce further exercises & techniques to take your underwater videography skills to the next level. At the end of the day, we’ll provide more feedback on your footage and spend more time learning and practicing editing techniques.

Day 4:
Dives 6 & 7 are spent filming various different subjects and learning more about composition, as well as thinking through how to piece together a movie properly. Again, you’ll receive feedback on your footage at the end of the day and have some more time to edit your day’s footage.

Day 5:
Put everything you’ve learnt into practice by making a fully-fledged movie of the day’s diving. You will use this footage as the basis for your final dive movie/masterpiece!

Day 6:
Use all the digital video editing techniques you’ve learnt to produce a stylish movie from your footage. Add favourite clips filmed during the course to the final video. Learn how to create high quality DVDs and how to produce other useful video formats, such as web-based formats.
Want More?

If you’d like to get more practice filming underwater, we’ll give you discounted diving, camera rental & even studio time to ensure you get the most from your time with us.

If you’re a PADI Divemaster or above and are interested in a career in underwater videography, we will endeavour to provide you with some work experience and even a reference to help you get that important first job.
Who can participate in the Underwater Videographer PLUS Course?

If you’re aged 15+ and have already completed the PADI Open Water Course (or equivalent), in general good health and fitness, and are not suffering from a cold or ear infection, you should be eligible to enroll on the Liquid Lense Underwater Videographer PLUS Course.
How often do you run Underwater Videographer PLUS Courses?

Courses start every day, at a time to suit you. You can book now, or come in to see see us while you’re on holiday in Ko Lanta. We offer free transfers to and from your resort in Ko Lanta for any of our dive courses or daily dive trips.

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