King Cruiser Wreck

King Cruiser Wreck at a glanceThe King Cruiser was originally a car ferry in Japan before being used to transport passengers between Phuket and Ko Phi Phi. On May 4th, 1997, the ferry hit the Anemone Reef and quickly sank. All the passengers could be rescued by nearby dive and fishing boats and there were no casualties.

The steel wreck has now evolved into a fantastic natural reef and is home to a huge variety of marine life, who seek shelter within it. The wreck is 85m long and 35m wide and has four decks with large walkways and windows. The Wreck lies perfectly upright at 32 metres, with the captain’s cabin at 12 metres. The depth, together with the frequent strong currents, makes the diving here unsuitable for beginners.

Due to the warm tropical waters, the internal structure of the boat is weakening. During the monsoon storms in 2003, part of the upper deck collapsed into the car deck and the wreck is now considered unsafe to penetrate. You can hear the boat creaking as you dive around it, which gives it a really authentic shipwreck atmosphere!

The wreck is completely covered in Barnacles and very often Scorpionfish and Lionfish hide in between. Since they are very well camouflaged, be careful where you put your hands! The artificial reef is home to enormous schools of Travellie, Batfish, Pufferfish and Snappers. Sometimes there are so many fish you can’t see the wreck anymore. Inside the wreck lives a big Turtle – you can often spot him as he comes towards the surface to breathe. You can also find Octopus, many types of Moray Eel and all sorts of unexpected visitors who come to see if this haven might house a tasty snack. There have been sightings of Whale Sharks, various Reef Sharks, enormous 2m Groupers and even a Bull Shark!

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