Ko Haa

Ko Haa at a glanceThe Ko Haa dive sites offer beautiful scuba diving and snorkelling with spectacular visibility. Ko Haa’s highlights include The Lagoon, The Cathedral, The Chimney and other caverns, inter-connected chambers and swim-throughs.

Ko Haa, which means ‘Five Islands’ in Thai, has more than 10 different dive sites that offer perfect conditions for divers of all levels. It has a central area called ‘The Lagoon’ that is ideal for beginners. It offers a safe and relaxed starting point for you to take your first underwater breaths and there are some extremely friendly little Porcupine Puffer Fish, ready to make your acquaintance in the large, sandy bay area. The bay slopes gently onto the reef allowing you to progress into your first dive effortlessly.

The marine life that can be found at Ko Haa varies from rare Ghost Pipefish measuring only a few centimetres, to an abundance of Octopus hiding amongst the rocks and crevices. Hawksbill Turtles are often seen swimming amongst the pristine coral. Seeing them eye to eye when they feed on soft corals is an experience most divers will never forget. Manta Rays, Marble Rays, Eagle Rays and even Whale Sharks are spotted here occasionally.

You can’t predict exactly what you’ll see, but it’s always a pleasant and rewarding surprise!

One of Ko Haa’s highlights is the series of caverns and swim-throughs. The largest cavern has three chambers and is known as The Cathedral. The first two chambers are connected by a shallow swim through at about 9 metres. You can surface in the cavern and see the limestone stalactites looming from the high ceilings. Light floods in through the two large entrances and gives you great opportunities for taking pictures.

Ko Haa Island #1 (Ko Haa Nung) has various chimneys and other systems to explore. You can find banded sea snakes, lionfish, nudibranches, frogfish, harlequin shrimps, many other crustaceans and beautiful cowries. If you take a look out into the blue, you can find huge schools of silverside fish, glassfish, barracudas and travellie. At this dive site, Whale Sharks have been spotted quite regularly.

The clear waters and consistent visibility of 25m+ make Ko Haa an unforgettable diving destination for every diver and snorkeller.

Dive Site Map Ko Haa

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