Ko Rok

Ko Rok at a glanceThe two sister-islands of Ko Rok, Ko Rok Nai – ‘Inner Rock’ and Ko Rok Nok – ‘Outer Rock’, offer beautiful diving with fabulous beaches and are suitable for divers and snorkellers of all levels. Located approximately 25km south of Ko Haa, Ko Rok has relatively shallow dive sites with a depth of 15-25m, which makes it a great destination for students, beginner divers and snorkellers. The islands elate divers and snorkellers with abundant marine life and thriving corals in the shallower areas.

The uninhabited islands of Ko Rok are part of Ko Lanta’s National Marine Park and are named after a small furry animal (called ‘Rok’ in Thai), which can occasionally be spotted on the islands. Giant Monitor Lizards are regularly seen on the beautiful, white sandy beaches.

Enormous Gorgonian Sea Fans, different kinds of hard corals, interspersed with colourful soft corals, dominate the deeper areas on the east side of Ko Rok Nok. The marine life that can be found at Ko Rok varies from abundant and colourful reef fish to Black-Tip Reef Sharks, which can be spotted, cruising past the reef. If you’re lucky you can find a Hawksbill Turtle near the beach. In the shallow parts Blue-spotted Stingrays can be found regularly.

Ko Rok can be best described as a Coral Garden. The reef tends to slope gently downwards to a sandy bottom between 21 – 25 metres. You can expect to see plenty of Puffer Fish, Anemone fish and Snappers. If you look out into the blue, you might be lucky enough to spot an Eagle Ray or even a passing White-Tip!

The diving and snorkelling at Ko Rok is relaxed and scenic. There are great underwater photography opportunities and the visibility is usually superb.

The spectacular white beaches, crystal clear water and abundant wildlife, above and below the water, guarantee memorable days for all the family.

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